Getting Website Traffic With a Linkwheel


Getting website traffic is the backbone of any online business. If you make money on the internet you will know already how difficult it can be to get traffic to your website and this is where a linkwheel can be a life saver.

What is a Linkwheel? And how does it get more traffic to your website?

Imagine a cartwheel, you know one of those things that are stuck on the side of a wagon in cowboy films. The wheel is made up of a central hub from which radiate spokes to the wheel rim.Got the picture?

Now, at the point where the spoke meets the rim, imagine a web page, highly optimized with your keyword. From this page is a link with good anchor text to your website, in this case the hub.

Now a wheel may have 10 or 20 spokes so that is ten or twenty webpages set up with links to your site, each with optimized anchor text.

Now if the pages also link to each other you can see how the chances for a visitor to get into your website increase dramatically and if you build links to the outside web pages the resulting page rank will be funnelled down so greatly improving your opportunities for getting website traffic.

So to build a linkwheel will take some effort on your part and a little time, in fact quite a bit of time but the increase in visitor numbers should make it very worth the work. If you want to be getting website traffic that is qualified,i.e. valuable then a linkwheel is a great way to achieve this.

Webmasters need to rank very high on search engines; if possible, they should rank on the first page to get the most clicks. Search engines evaluate a website based on the amount of links they have from other websites. Links made by people who find the website useful and valuable.

Why incoming links?

Search engines are not yet smart enough to understand what you are trying to say with your article. Search engines can only understand keywords, and maybe some basic phrases but real content are yet a mystery for the machines. This is where the human power joins the rankings. When people read your article and make a link for it, search engines will pay attention and will make your article rank a little higher on the search results for the keyword they used to link to you. The exact formula as you may imagine being their super secret weapon, and you will not be able to hack the computers to find out, even if you could find out, Google’s formula as more than a billion variables, and they change it every week. What can you do to help you search engine ranks?

Building a linkwheel?

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